Still figuring this whole blog thing out, so consider this an amuse bouche– that tasty little bite that sets the tone for the meal to come. Most of you are probably friends or family, though I hope over time this site will be discovered and enjoyed by people who share my enthusiasm for food and the art of eating.

I don’t claim to be a connoisseur of anything here. These are not the professions of a foodie or the observations of a seasoned professional. These are simply the recordings of an equal opportunity eater. While I love a fancy meal out on the town, I also have a white trash penchant for Buffalo wings and Wendy’s. I like the idea of local foods and supporting local businesses, but am also too budget conscious to give up a regular grocery store. I try to be health conscious, but the truth is I eat pretty much anything I want. Hence, there will be a lot of variety here, and I hope a little something for everyone.

So, why a food blog in a world that already has thousands? Well, in addition to liking food slightly more than the average person, I also happen to be a writer. And writing jobs are few and far between these days, I thought perhaps I could combine two things I enjoy into something that would inform and entertain, if nothing more than to simply keep me sane.

My sister Chicky and I do a fair amount of cooking. We also do a heck of a lot of eating. We come by it naturally- to give you a bit of an understanding, ours is a family that observes something we like to call “The Three Meat Rule” i.e. no meal is complete without at least three meats. For us, there’s no better way to spend a Friday night than cooking for a bunch of friends or indulging in a meal that leaves us inspired to try something new in our own kitchen. In the future, we’ll document some of those meals here, as well as our own explorations as we discover new ingredients, find interesting stories and learn new things about the way our food is produced.

While eating and cooking are competitive sports in my family, many of my friends seem puzzled by food. To them the thought of making an ailoli or cooking a whole fish is like telling them to figure out how to get to the moon with a piece of string and a match. So, one of the other things I’d like to do here is demystify cooking. Or at least do so with my cooking.

There will be guest bloggers on occasion, and of course my partner in crime and cooking, Chicky, will make frequent appearances. Interested in contributing? Speak up. If you don’t have my personal email, drop a note to themusingbouche at gmail dot com. You can also follow me on twitter here.

And by all means, be sure to check back in the next few days as we move on to the main course…

3 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. there can’t be too many food blogs in the world. You never know when you’ll find the next great recipe.
    Maybe someday I’ll drop my Chicken Marengo recipe on you. Can’t wait for some pictures of beautiful dishes.

    Check out this site:
    one of their bloggers puts a fried egg on everything. I’m not sure everything tastes good with an egg on it, but everything sure looks good with an egg on it.

    • Hey! Glad to hear from you! You can have a guest post about Chicken Marengo anytime you want…. I also plan to blog about your meatballs one of these days (likely in winter, who wants to eat meatballs in July?) Thanks for the link, I really like the site and will keep an eye on it.
      ps- I feel like I should give you a special prize for being the first comment…

      • I often think I’m deserving of a special prize.
        But I’m a food site whore so I’ll probably check this out constantly. As far as the meatballs go, they may SEEM a little heavy for summer, but for Audrey’s birthday we had both sides of the family in town (15 people in all) so big servings were at a premium. I whipped up a fresh sauce and ton of meatballs and served the crowd without any problem.
        Then for fun I stayed up all night hickory-smoking a boston butt (pork shoulder). Served it western NC style, it was pretty sweet.

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