shortening the food chain

 The following appeared in my inbox yesterday…

Dear all,

Mother Nature has spoken!  Summer started with a nor’easter and regrettably that means we won’t be able to deliver tomorrows shares to the Harvard and Jamaica Plain locations.  With such strong gales and 10 – 15 foot waves out there, we don’t want to comprise the safety of our fishermen.  We hope you understand.

We will happily extend the season for an additional week on the other end so no one misses out on their shares in the long run.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

All the best,

Your CSF team

I was disappointed because last week’s fish was so gorgeous and tasty (see photo), and yet I understood; I don’t want some Cape Ann fisherman risking his life to put food on my plate. Then it occurred to me: that happens every day.

my cod 6/16

my cod 6/16

I knew when I signed up to participate in a Community Supported Fishery (CFS) that doing so would support the local fishing industry and bring a fresher, purer product into my kitchen. However, I think I underestimated the personal connection that it would give me to the food chain.

We live in an on-demand society. I can have sushi delivered to my door, walk down the street and buy cheese that was made yesterday in Italy or go to a neighborhood restaurant to enjoy a steak made from a beer-fed cow that was massaged daily in Japan. The truth is that I don’t usually think much about where my food comes from or the people who produce it. Despite having read The Perfect Storm, Dead Men Tapping, and Cod, I still think of fishing as something that’s done on sunny, calm days with rods and reels, not as an industry that takes fathers away from their children for months at a time or makes widows out of women.

And I suppose, that sort of epiphany is the point of this whole thing…


3 thoughts on “shortening the food chain

  1. Really, beer fed cows? My goodness. Living in a rural part of NH the past 2 years, I am understanding the food chain ever more clearly. My neighbor had to hunt down his escaped cow like it was a wild buffalo. And after hearing gunshots all week I have the most amazing hamburger thawing on my counter.

  2. Let me know if you ever want some of that beef taken off your hands! Or if you ever are looking for someone to do a cow share…

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