Friday wrap-up

A quick sampling of what I’ve been up to…

Nana’s cole slaw… simple, yet so satisfying. I love the sweet-sour dressing and the fact that unlike ordinary salad, cole slaws retain their crunch days after they’re made. (And did you know that the phrase “cole slaw” is Dutch for “cabbage salad”?)

My mom frequently makes this to lure Chicky and me over for dinner in the summer. Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll still be there even if we’re making cole slaw in our own kitchens.

My adaptation of Nana’s cole slaw:
1 head cabbage sliced thin (I used a red and white combination this time.. quite pretty)
6 grated carrots (if you have them… if you don’t no worries)
6 Tb sugar
2 Tb white vinegar
a cup (maybe more) of mayonnaise (I use light mayo, you can’t tell the difference here).

Combine sugar and vinegar mixture and drizzle over vegetables in a bowl. Mix well. Add enough mayonnaise to moisten and let sit in the fridge for at least two hours before serving. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serving suggestion:
Haven’t had a lot of time this week, so I’ve been subsisting mainly on veggie chicken patties, a secret weakness of mine. I am in no way, shape or form a vegetarian, but I love breaded chicken in the form of a patty or a nugget and this is my attempt to be slightly healthier about it.

Throw one of those “chik’n” patties into a whole wheat pita with barbecue sauce and cole slaw, and it’s pretty delicious. Like you’ll want to just bury your face in it and inhale.

secret_ingredients Reading:
Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink

Headed to Franconia Notch this weekend and am planning on taking this baby with me. With selections by some of my favorite authors, including Susan Orlean, M.F.K. Fisher and Roald Dahl, I have high hopes. The fist piece I read was a short story by Alice McDermott in which she compares a woman’s lifelong love of ice cream with other, more… er, carnal pleasures.

All that chopping makes me wish I had a mandolin. Though my almost-new (hand-me-down) Cuisinart is in the mail, and the grating blade coming with it may quench that thirst. Anyone have a preference of mandolin vs. the Cuisinart slicing and grating blades?


8 thoughts on “Friday wrap-up

  1. I’ve been eating a lot of those Morningstar chicken nuggets as of late. For some reason they are more satisfying to me than “real” chicken nuggets.

    I’ve missed your writing, and love the new website!

    • Thanks Vids! I think they are more satisfying cause you know they aren’t so bad for you. Hence no guilt.

  2. The mandolin definitely makes things prettier than the Cuisinart, but if you have to choose between the two I’d definitely go the Cuisinart route – far more versatile (and easier to clean!).

  3. not sure where you want your mandolin v cuisinart notes going, but…
    One does not replace another. A mandolin is better for small slicing jobs, but it can’t do an awful lot of the heavy lifting a cuisinart is perfect for.
    A cuisinart is a must have, but it’s not great when you want one onion sliced. Treat yourself, get both. But if you only get one, you can live without a mandolin, not a cuisinart.

    • Gracias! I wasn’t sure if I needed both. I am about to get a Cuisinart… will likely put a mandolin on my Christmas list.

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  5. Better cole slaw. Cabbage (Savoy and red), shaved carrot if wanted, Crushed garlic (1 to 3 cloves), Cider vinegar, celery salt, pepper, mayo. If you have to measure, don’t make it!

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