‘tis the season…

cod draw

For cod, that is.

I’m starting to feel like Forrest Gump, trying to figure out a new way to prepare it each week. Cod cakes. Cod salad. Soy glazed cod. Baked cod. Cod stock. Broiled cod. Cod chowder. Did I mention that we still have two more months of our fish share?

cod with lemon and sage over caramelized onions and mushrooms

cod with lemon and sage over caramelized onions and mushrooms

Last night’s was the best so far (sorry you missed out,  Sammy): Filleted and broiled over a bed of caramelized onions and mushrooms with a bit of sage and lemon. A salad of locally grown lettuce and a killer bacon-corn risotto accompanied it. This  risotto may become a signature dish- if you want a taste of what it’s like and don’t want to come to dinner (though I don’t see why you wouldn’t…) head to Lucca in the North End, which inspired my dish.  I’d never had corn in risotto before and the result is just mind blowing- the creamy sweetness of the corn compliments the rice, but the kernels also add a satisfying crunch.

To make it, cut the kernels off of two or thee ears of corn. Cook risotto as you normally would and then about five minutes before it’s done, add half the corn. Stir it in and then add the rest just before serving. If it’s not a crowd pleaser, there’s something wrong with your crowd.


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