Tania’s Table

Another feast this week. They keep getting better, which pleases me (and hopefully my guests).

The shark was, of course, the hit of the evening, and though I feared it would be tough or weird, was actually quite delicious. The meat wasn’t at all unlike swordfish, firm and white with a mild flavor. I probably could have cooked it a bit less, however. Fortunately, I have two more large hunks in the freezer, so I’ll have a few more chances to perfect my technique.

Special thanks to my guests who brought lots of sparkling whites and good conversation. Also, a shout out to Ann Marie, who not only arrived with a fruit tarte in hand, but who also served as my sous chef in Chicky’s absence. Poor girl spent hours chopping vegetables and getting bossed around by yours truly in the stifling August humidity.

Much fun. Next Fish Tuesday is Aug. 18 as I’ll be in Bermuda next week. Yell if you’d like to come. I have a hunch we’ll be serving cod… oh, and I’ll be in need of another sous chef. Ann Marie?

This week’s menu:
– Soy-miso glazed cod.
– Cod ceviche.
– Grilled thresher shark with cilantro-lime butter.
– Corn and tomato salad.
– Roast carrot and avocado salad (recipe inspired by Smitten Kitchen).
– Cole slaw. Recipe here.

Total fed: 14.

*Photos are temporarily held up as Chicky and I seem to have played switcheroo with the usb cables for our cameras. Doh.

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