Dateline: Bermuda

Yes, I have wi-fi. However, I also have a moped and miles upon miles of beaches to explore. Hence, no blogging.


view of our house

I have, however, been eating plenty. Food on this island is notoriously expensive, first because much of it has to be flown in and second because there is a 30 percent import tarriff imposed on all that. Hence a package of bacon costs $7 and a watermelon is $11. Prices for local produce are little better as people have to make enough to live on. A grocery manager I chatted up a couple days ago told me he was making $72,000 stocking shelves and putting stickers on cans.

In light of all that, we arrived in Bermuda armed with 8 lbs of fancy cheeses, 4 lbs of chocolate and 2 jars of spanish peppers (for a dish my aunt wanted to make). If I’d thought of it, I would have thrown the makings for caramel frosting in my bag as it’s my uncle’s birthday and we’re baking him a cake today. I can’t imagine what I’ll pay for butter, brown sugar, evaporated milk and confectionary sugar…


Bermuda's milk offerings, including "re-combined" milk.

One thing I always love checking out in the tropics is the various milk “products” they use. Since milk spoils fast here, people have come up with all sorts of ingenious ways to preserve it- from the widespread use of evaporated milk to reliance on Parmalat (shelf-stable) milk. Here in Bermuda they offer local milk, but also “recombined” milk- i.e. powdered milk that’s been mixed with water and packaged. The kicker: it costs the same as regular milk.



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