[almost] back to reality

Yes, I am back from vacation and hence, reality. However, a few other food-related Bermuda items before I delve into the Boston food scene once again…

While on the island, the good people at Gosling’s were gracious enough to host me for a private tasting/tour one afternoon. Gosling’s has strong ties with the Boston-area;  in addition to all the rum swilling sailors here, CEO Malcolm Gosling lives in Wellesley and the company’s new ginger beer is produced by Worcester’s Polar Beverages. The company’s bottling facility in Bermuda is in a former beer hall in Hamilton, and the company now uses the building to blend its world famous rum (only two people in the world know the technique, I was told.) In addition to it’s Black Seal rum, Gosling’s produces a gold rum and an extra-old one, which is aged 16 to 20 years and hence even darker and more full bodied than it’s younger brother (I didn’t think Gosling’s could get any darker… but the difference is remarkable).

Despite the stubborn Gosling’s slowly making their rum available here in the U.S., there are a host of other Gosling’s products that you’ll have to travel to Bermuda to find. For example, Gosling’s Bermuda Gold, a liquor infused with local loquats. Each March and October Gosling’s hires swarms of people to  pick the small golden fruits, which grow on trees all over the island. With a taste similar to a plum, the liquor is a key ingredient in Bermuda coffee (along with Black Seal rum) and the Bermuda Triangle cocktail (though mainland versions substitute peach schnapps).

the loquat

the loquat

The Bermuda Triangle (as told to me by Gosling’s brand manager Andrew Holmes):
1 oz Bermuda Gold
1/2 oz Black Seal Rum
1/2 oz Amaretto
2 oz Orange Juice
2 oz Pineapple Juice
wedge lemon

Combine and serve on the rocks.

Gosling’s also produces it’s own version of Falernum, a sort of simple syrup infused with almond, lime and ginger that’s a key ingredient in the Bermuda Rum Swizzle. I’m sorry to say, I have yet to try a rum swizzle or Falernum…. though that’s probably reason enough for me to visit again.

I didn’t eat out much in Bermuda and hence have very little to say about the local cuisine. Instead, we did a lot of family cooking, including baking a bunny cake for my uncle’s bithday. This is an old family tradition that we usually make for Easter, but the cake is so much fun and it had been so long since we’d made one that we decided a birthday was as good an excuse as any. Our ridiculous result:


2 thoughts on “[almost] back to reality

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  2. Wow, a trip to the home of the Goslings… I had heard of other offerings not available around these parts, but never in any detail. There must be someone out there who imports the gold, no?

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