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Things have been slow food-wise here at The Musing Bouche. Not that I haven’t been eating, but my consumption has lately involved eating out and eating on the run, neither of which is particularly interesting.

 However, a few things of note:

First, Great story in the NY Times today about the food scene in Portland, Maine. I was there on business last summer and was pointed to Duck Fat and Fore Street, but I’ve been meaning to return for a pleasure trip to really explore the city and check out the local food scene, which is amazingly vibrant given that it’s below freezing nine months of the year. This may be the inspiration I need to make a pilgrimage.

The story also turned me on to the Portland Food Coma blog, which I perused and found pretty hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the post on the drunken Chinese food escorpionxperience… last spring Chicky and I hit up  Ocean Wok in Hampton Beach for an epic evening of eating and drinking (see photo). Why does flaming booze seem like such a good idea? Shouldn’t you know better when the waiter raises his eyebrows at the amount of food you’re ordering? And why am I wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m Nacho Mama”?

PS- you gotta love the Ocean Wok web site… from the cheesy intro with photos of the owner on the beach at sunset (or is it sunrise? We are on the east coast after all…) to the fact they brag that they’re open 364 days a year to the horoscope offerings (“Find the animal in you!“)… it’s just delightful.

figsSecond, figs are back! Was at the fruit stand near my house on Monday and was delighted to see that fresh figs are in season. One of my all-time favorite foods, they are hellaciously expensive and ridiculously hard to find. I’ll be staking out these beauties in markets over the next few weeks… my favorite thing to do with a fresh fig is to simply slice it into quarters, drizzle it with honey and eat.

And finally, I cooked a blueberry crisp on Sunday… I’d post a photo, but it was so ugly, I didn’t want to offend anyone. It tasted great, but the blueberries absorbed all the crumble on top, so it basically just looked like blueberry soup. Need to work on this. Suggestions?


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