The shrinking Apple?

New York has made quite a few food headlines lately and not just because of the city’s fabulous restaurants. First it was transfats. Then the calorie content of fast food. Now, salt is the enemy.  At times, it does seem that the mayor’s own diet challenges guide these policies.

While I’m not one to advocate for a paternalistic approach to governing what I eat (I try to make sensible choices and get plenty of exercise, so please don’t ban my occasional Wendy’s binge), I did find it helpful to see the calorie content of Starbuck’s snacks displayed prominently when I was in Manhattan last week. While it’s common knowledge that their pastries are rather calorie-laden, having the raw numbers right there was a useful guide. Yes, the fact that a slice of coffeecake had 420 calories was a deterrent, but I was conversely drawn to their egg sandwiches, most of which have less than 400 calories, as well as less sugar and more protein.  While the sugar/protein content wasn’t a surprise, the calorie count was. I mean, who’d think that a sandwich with (albeit, low-fat) bacon would have fewer calories than a scone?


One thought on “The shrinking Apple?

  1. I was a tiny bit horrified/ very very sad to discover that my beloved Starbucks muffin had almost 500 (!!!!!) calories! The truth hurts a little. But how can you say no when they say “Want a little treat with your latte?”

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