Little Miss Muffett

Haha, that’s what I felt like making Five Minute Ricotta last night. But omg it was so easy and the results so astounding, I may never buy the pre-packaged stuff ever again!

I got turned onto this recipe from a tweet by Ruth Reichl (Twitter is both cool and scary… on one hand it makes it seem like the former Gourmet editor and I are like super close, swapping recipes and the such. “Oh yeah, I got this recipe from Ruth.” Until I have to admit that “I follow her” and then I just sound like a stalker. Anyway…)

Back to ricotta! So yeah, it’s super easy. And though I’m the kind of person who shuns cooking in a microwave (mine primarily heats water for tea), somehow using a microwave in this instance seems ok. Perhaps it was this tidbit on the Serious Eats’ Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ricotta article: “Unlike a stovetop, which heats the milk only from the bottom, a microwave heats the milk evenly from all sides, preventing both burnt-on milk proteins, and the chance of a dangerous boil-over.”

See, using my microwave isn’t just quicker, it’s also smarter!

Ready to try it yourself? Here’s what to do: Take three cups of fresh, whole milk and put them in a microwave safe glass container (I used a mason jar). Add a pinch of salt and three tablespoons of vinegar. Put in the microwave for two to four minutes, until bubbles just start to form on the edges of the milk. You’ll actually be able to see the curds and whey separate… if they haven’t done that, put it in for another 30 seconds or so. Then, remove the container from the microwave and pour the mixture through some cheese cloth (or coffee filters or food-safe paper towels). You can drain a short period of time for creamy ricotta or overnight for something thicker.

Oh and if you don’t have white vinegar, buttermilk or lemon juice will also work.


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