Birthday fun for everyone…

I have a big birthday coming up Friday, and in honor of it, I’m doing a giveaway for my readers- a $65 gift certificate to CSN. CSN’s 200+ web sites offer everything from contemporary coffee tables to Le Creuset… there is truly something for everyone.

To win, post a comment below that answers the following question: what’s the best thing about turning 30? For an extra chance to win, follow me on Twitter (if you aren’t already) and re-tweet this post.  Submissions must be received by midnight Friday (the end of my birthday!). Winner will be announced Monday.

Of course all this celebrating means a lot of eating. My dad came into town last night to surprise me and brought my sister Chicky and I out for not one, but two dinners! Yes, you read right. Two! We started off at Neptune Oyster in the North End… in addition to four varieties of oysters, we had uni toast, lobster cocktail, pulpito, fried clams, blue crab salad and (my absolute favorite) Neptunes on Piggyback, a pulled-pork smothered toast topped with a fried oyster. Great stuff. After that we headed over to The Palm for rib eyes, asparagus and a great bottle of wine. Epic. The rib eye there is possibly one of my favorite things of all time- a salt crust locks in the juices in this wonderfully marbled piece of meat like no steak I’ve ever had before.

Tomorrow, my friends and I are headed to the Can-Tab to say goodbye to my 20s with The Chicken Slacks. Join us!

10 thoughts on “Birthday fun for everyone…

  1. Happy Birthday Tania! As you know, I don’t know a thing about turning the big Three Oh… However, I do know that every new year of life is a gift and something to welcome with open arms! A birthday is your own personal ‘New Year’ to do with as you please. Hopefully, people make the best of their new year of life by setting and achieving goals, giving more and doing more for others, and loving as much as possible. May your new year be your best yet! Happy celebrating, Ida

  2. yay! happy birthday, tania! i think the best thing about turning thirty is you get to stop trying to find yourself, and start creating yourself.
    bonus points: you get better presents because it’s a big one!
    i adore the palm. their four cheese potato gratin is to die for, and the bartenders give THE best pour in boston.

  3. The best part about turning thirty? Well, it could be 30 birthday kisses from your loved ones!

    Or blowing out 30 candles, because that’s my favorite part about turning ANY AGE!

  4. Best part of turning 30 is that you’re only 5 years away from being eligible to run for U.S. president!

    Happy birthday, girl. Even if I don’t win a gift certificate, I hope I win an honorary award for “wonkiest D.C. answer.”

  5. Happy Birthday! I haven’t turned 30 yet, but if I were turning 30, the best thing about it would be that I know I’m entering the prime time of my life. Still young, but hopefully have found that perfect non-entry-level job, hopefully happily married, and simply happy to be alive! 🙂

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