holiday tidbits

I’m fighting the urge to skip the cookie tasting tonight and go bake my own cookies. Ack, I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t cooked in over a week! Seriously.

Monday, I attended David Chang’s lecture at Harvard. The Momofuku guru was pretty interesting and funny… a few highlights:

– Chang said he views his cuisine like abstract impressionism. You see a canvas that’s all blue with a white line through it and think “I could have done that.” But you didn’t.

– We’ve reached a level in cooking where it’s not enough to be able to know how to make something. You need to understand why it happened. If you understand the why, you can change it and make it better.

– Cooking in never a total success. Rather, it’s a progression of disasters.

If you missed any of the Harvard Science of Cooking lectures, you can watch them here.

On Tuesday, Chang was joined by a host of chefs from all over to judge the Science of Cooking student projects. Four students won a trip to Spain, where they will study at the Alicia Foundation. You can read my Harvard Gazette story about the event here. After the fair, I attended a gathering at Harvard’s Queen’s Head Pub. I’d never been to the Queen’s Head before, but I think I’m going to have to add it into my rotation. Good beer, nice ambiance…

Yesterday, Whole Foods had a little blogger meet up to talk about Christmas entertaining. As I’m having a holiday soiree next week, I thought I’d go and see what they had to offer. In addition to getting to meet a few of the bloggers I see on Twitter everyday, I learned a few new tricks for my bag. I also got to sample some great wines and cheeses. Thanks, Whole Foods!


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