Swiss Miss

Hello from Switzerland!

I spent today wandering around Geneva with my family. Of course, us being us, one of our first stops was at a Swiss grocery store. As you can imagine, it was much smaller than the ones in the U.S. Oh, and would you like a cart to shop? You’ll have to pay.

The carts are all locked together. You insert a coin or token to get a cart and then go through a gate to get into the store. They have plenty of the stuff that the Swiss are known for. Like fondue. And chocolate.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big chocolate selection. Or as many ads for watches! They also had a few lesser known things that I was dying to try. Like these special “picnic” eggs.

And how about some horse meat? I’ve always been curious about eating horse. It’s a big taboo in the States, but supposedly rather good.

I did spot one thing that I hope I don’t ever try.

Mmmmm. Stuffed pig foot. I’m not so much opposed to the idea of a trotter. But this one came ready-made in a box. And it was not in the refrigerated section!

Groceries were also pretty expensive. A dozen eggs is more than $6, while a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke is more than $2. We are definitely spoiled at home. And if you want a bag… that’ll be another 20 cents. Great way to get people to re-use bags.

We picked up some croissants and a few bottles of water and were on our way to explore the city. Tomorrow, we head to France. Bonsoir!

3 thoughts on “Swiss Miss

  1. Oooh looks like so much fun!!! I totally remember going to BJs (a warehouse shopping club) when I was a kid and having to put a quarter in for a shopping cart! Those eggs are so cute 🙂 Have fun!

  2. I LOVE going to grocery stores in foreign countries. It’s always so interesting what you find, and the differences, just like you saw, extend far beyond just the food.

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