Event recap & giveaway: Seamless Web

So this is a little late… Last week, Seamless Web and Boston Food Bloggers hosted a happy hour at Landsdowne Pub, a welcome opportunity as I love the opportunity to see/meet bloggers and tweeters I follow in person. I met up with Kathy, Megan, and Nicole at Kenmore and we headed over.

It was a great event with an open bar and some great pub food. I could not get enough of the sliders or the potato skins… I ended up eating way too much. To read Rachel’s recap (and see her far lovelier photos) go here.

My favorite thing though was this baby: A magic 8 ball that tells you what you want to eat!

I liked it so much that I took one home. Hah. Like I ever have trouble figuring out what I want to eat.

Anyway, the event was also an opportunity to learn about Seamless Web, which lets you order delivery or takeout from local restaurants. I’m not entirely sure why they call themselves Seamless Web, as the name doesn’t really connote food to me… I get the idea of the process being seamless, but to me Seamless Web brings to mind data storage or email distribution, not take out Indian. But whatever, it’s been an average of 15 degrees out and the snow is up to my knees, I can jump on the bandwagon when it comes to food ordering.

You can go onto their site, type in your address and see a list of places in your area that you can order from. For me, it was a lot of ethnic and pizza places. The site will also tell you the price range of the place, estimated wait times for a meal and what their minimum order is ($10 to $35 for my neighborhood). As more people start using the site, it will also allow you to leave/see feedback on the restaurant.

I left the event with a $20 Seamless Web gift card, which I’ve decided to give to one of my readers. For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment below. Extra entries if you tweet this.. limit two entries per person. Entries must be received by Thursday at noon. Winner will be announced Friday.


8 thoughts on “Event recap & giveaway: Seamless Web

  1. The gift card is to Seamless Web, which lets you order from any of the hundreds of restaurants they work with… will update post to make clearer!

  2. I think the name is kind of odd too, but I’ve already tried it once for takeout and had a seamless experience, so I guess it works. That 8-ball is awesome!

  3. I grabbed a magic food ball from there and I love it. I already used seamless web and it worked out really well. (there is a recap on my blog)

  4. Wasn’t able to attend the meet-up but sounds like I missed out on some great swag! I think the magic eight ball is the perfect thing to help you decide what to order on Seamless Web 🙂

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