dinner party

I had such high hopes for blogging my last dinner party. Candle-lit photos of guests sipping wine and eating my homemade grillades. Artistic shots of empty plates and key lime pie.

I started out well enough. I made pie, meticulously documenting each step:

Then on to the grilades! They’re really a brunch dish, but I’ve been dying for grits, so I decided to make them for dinner. In the future, I’d advise you to go to New Orleans if you want grillades. They are time consuming to make, and they’ll probably taste better in their homeland. Unless you have a wonderful recipe, in which case please share.

After that, things sort of fell apart. Blame it on my guests. They were so much fun, I forgot to take a single picture after dinner was served. Fortunately, my wonderful friend Blaire got a hold of my camera and took these lovely shots:

Lesson:  do not leave camera unattended at next party.


9 thoughts on “dinner party

  1. Are you kidding?! DO leave your camera out for other people! Those are fun & add SO much personality to the event & the post. Hell, set a disposable camera up with every place setting on the table & watch what happens!

    • I actually found them hilarious and delightful. And the Pac man was my favorite too. I may designate B. my official party photographer from now on.

  2. I’ve never had grillades – but I do have a recipe from Rafe’s mom. I’ll have to test it out and send it your way if its good!

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