Happy Pi Day!

Math nerds rejoice! Today is pi day (3/14)- you know π as in 3.1415… the mathematical number that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Some people celebrate pi day be reciting the decimals in pi. In 2006, a Japanese man set a record when he recited pi to its 100,000th decimal. Sounds fun, right? You know what’s even more fun than reciting random numbers for hours on end? EATING PIE!

courtesy of North Shore Dish

I love pie. And in celebration of pi day, I suggest you make it a point to eat or make pie today. I realized in researching this post that pie is woefully under-represented on this blog. So far, I’ve only featured two varieties:  frito pie or key lime pie. I’m going to have to change this.

If neither of my recipes suits your fancy for Pi Day, here are a few other ideas. Pioneer Woman has a pecan pie that she claims is so good it’ll “make you cry.” She also offers a plethora of other pie links here. If you’d rather just read about pie and be entertained, Make me Some Pie has lots of pie-related history, information and videos. There’s also a #piday hashtag on Twitter, so you can get up to the minute information on Pi Day happenings in your area.

If making pie isn’t in the cards for you today, fear not. You could always head to Pesti Pies in Somerville, or KO Pies in Southie (love me some savory pie!). If you’re serious about pie, I’d suggest you drive north up Route 95 to Rowley and grab a slice at the Agawam Diner, one of my all-time favorite spots. A classic American diner, the Agawam has more than 10 varieties of pie, all of which are made on the premises.

I spent many nights and afternoons sitting at the Agawam’s counter with my Nana, talking over cups of coffee and huge pieces of pie. She lived nearby and you hardly had to hint before you were piled into the car and racing over there. That woman loved her some pie. She’s gone now and her house is sold, but walking into the Agawam with its well worn formica counter and red stools never ceases to make me think that any second I’ll look up and see her walk in the door.

If my nostalgia isn’t enough to convince you to check out the Agawam, head over to North Shore Dish, who visited in January, or check out this behind the scenes look from Saveur. And then, go get you some pie.


2 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

  1. Really nice post Tania … There is this pie place in West Virginia that I used to go to in college that was simply amazing, and your post brought back those memories for the first time in a long while! Thanks – JI

    Remember, Food is Love!

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