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week in pictures


The past week has been pretty epic, food-wise and otherwise. Unfortunately, I haven’t documented much of it. But here’s a sampling:

Top row: Onion rings at All Star Sandwich Bar (Wednesday). They were clutch. Rose ice cream at Cristina‘s (also Wednesday… lunch of champions).  Interior shot, Cristina’s.

Middle row: Lobster slider, Russell House Tavern (Thursday). Stanley Cup parade (Saturday). Fenway Park (also Saturday. We lost).

Bottom: Roses in bloom on my street (Monday). Lamb belly toast at Russell House (Wednesday). Stuffed squash blossoms, Carmen (also Wednesday).

Not pictured: bluefish at Hungry Mother (Friday), charcuterie board at Russell House (complete with a cucumber and shrimp salad with Hendrick’s gin gelee… also Friday), Alsatian pizza at Picco (Saturday. Another fave), beer at Fenway (Saturday), more beer at Bleacher Bar, bone marrow at Eastern Standard (again, Saturday), steak and sides at Doyle’s Cafe (Monday), and oysters and pizzas at Russell House (Wednesday).

I don’t usually eat like this. But a confluence of visitors and events made this a pretty special week. Time for a run.

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  1. 06.24.2011 8:36 pm

    I NEED to try those onion rings! OK, and the lobster slider, too :)

  2. 06.25.2011 12:18 am

    Awesome photos…and definitely an epic food week!

  3. 07.13.2011 4:19 pm

    Wow, seriously, that is one epic weak of eating.

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