dinner fail

Dinner fail of the week: purple carrot = purple soup. From a taste standpoint, it wasn’t bad. But the carrots turned everything purple, and eating purple chicken is just weird. Counter intuitive, you know?

Purple happens to also be my least favorite color. Its makes me think of Barney and Dimetapp. When I see it in my food, I expect uber-sweet fake grape flavors (exception: black raspberry ice cream). Anyway, it was a weird soup. And unfortunately, I made a big pot of it. Anyone want to come over for soup? Hah.

That said, we don’t talk about failure nearly enough in the blogger world. So tell me, what’s your latest dinner fail?


6 thoughts on “dinner fail

  1. A chicken and sweet potato recipe where I added WAY too many chipolte chilis in adobo sauce. It smelled SO good, but was impossible to eat with the level of spiciness. Ben and I were practically in tears trying to eat it and then gave up and ordered pizza đŸ™‚

  2. I can’t remember what it was, but last year I made something, Ryan and I started eating, turned and looked at each other…and without a word headed to the garbage. Im actually glad I forgot what it was I think!

  3. My husband several years ago made Salsa Pasta. His train of though involved tomatoes are in pasta sauce and salsa. They should totally work. It didn’t. Not at all. It was probably one of the few dishes that I made him throw out mostly uneaten.

    • sorry about comments guys! I didn’t get notification that they were here or I would have approved and replied sooner!

  4. I agree that bloggers don’t talk about failures enough (I am definitely guilty of this). I once made a completely awful tomato sauce due to a whole series of mistakes. I actually had to throw it away even though I hate to waste food

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