So long, summer

It’s August 31. Labor Day weekend is upon us. And summer is over. Wah.

Summer is my favorite season here, and this summer was an especially good one. Plenty of beach and outside time, a few interesting and fun late nights, lots of friends and laughing.

Since the season is about to officially change, I figured I should check-in with my summer bucket list and see how I did.

1. Take a surf lesson. Sadly, this didn’t happen. Perhaps I need a winter surfing break in Mexico?

2. Go stand up paddle boarding. Yes, I did. Loved it! Up next: SUP yoga.

3. Catch a fish in my kayak. Success! I caught a couple, actually, and you can bet that I’ll be out there some more this fall.

My first kayak catch. This guy was released.

4. Make buttermilk ice cream. Somehow, I didn’t manage to make ANY ice cream this summer. But I’m having a barbecue Monday, and this is on the menu. Stand by for a recipe.

5. Can something. FAIL. It was really hot most of the summer… too hot to be canning, in my opinion.

6. Bike to work more. I did this some this summer, though early morning runs made this tough some days. Will try to continue until the weather gets too cold.

7. Keep running. Oh, yes, I passed this one with flying colors. It started off slow… 36 miles in June, and just 23 in July. But then my half marathon training amped up, and I found this amazing running group, which led to 64 miles completed in August. You can bet that as the weather cools those numbers will continue to climb.

my new Wednesday morning running venue/ running stats/ all smiles afterwards

8. Grill something low and slow. I did a pork belly for Memorial Day, but since then, it’s been mostly steaks, lobsters and fish packets. A big piece of meat is also on the menu for Monday though, and yes, it’ll be done low and slow.

best way to cook lobster

9. Make smoked fish. Home run on this one! In addition to my mackerel pate, I also smoked five bluefish that I caught a few weeks ago. While they turned out great, I’ve got a few ideas on how to improve the process, so I’m hoping to catch a few more before the fishing season is done.

this guy is headed for the smoker

There were a few other summery things I did that weren’t on the list. Made smores. Caught and grilled squid (blog to come). Ate at the second-best restaurant in the world. Mountain biked. Found a delicious custard recipe. Saw a whale while in my kayak (For real. Awesome and scary at the same time). Dug my own razor clams, and ate them (not recommended by the state health department). All in all, I’d say it was a win.

razor clams/ smores/ squid on the hook and headed for the grill

How did your summer bucket list end up?

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