S’mores makeover

For years you’ve been making s’mores: graham cracker, marshmallow, Hershey bar, right?

Well, your life is about to change.


You see that? What’s wrong with this picture? There’s no Hershey bar, is there? That’s right.

I actually hate Hershey bars. I know, it’s practically unpatriotic to say that, but it’s true. They taste waxy and fake to me, probably because Hershey no longer makes real chocolate.

Reese’s peanut butter cups on the other hand? Pass them over. Yes, I know they’re just as fake as a Hershey bar, but that salty/sweet combination reaches something in my soul. I love the almost crumbly texture of the peanut butter, and the way you can peel the chocolate off the sides like the skin from a banana. I’m not alone: last year, Reese’s topped Hershey’s on the list of most popular candy bars.

Yet, despite this, it had never occurred to me to put my favorite candy into a s’mores. And then a friend suggested it at a barbecue last spring. The result was so good I couldn’t keep it to myself.

It also led to some experimenting with Nutella and Biscoff spread. Both were very good. But the Reese’s was the best. You’re welcome.

Got another idea on how to remake a s’mores? Let me know.


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