hiatus over

And… I’m back. Sort of.

I’m not sure what happened over the pat six months, but I stopped blogging. Yes, in that time I was very busy living- running races, travelling, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and hosting my family for Christmas. But to be honest, I think my hiatus was fueled more by the fact that my feelings about cooking and eating have changed a lot.

wors to live by

as seen in Harvard Square

My life was very different when I started writing this blog almost five years ago. Since then, I’ve switched jobs, bought a house, and taken up running. Food and cooking are still important, but I increasingly find that my life has gotten broader in ways that didn’t seem to fit into the confines of a self-proclaimed “food blog.” I considered just giving it up, but I missed the writing, and the community aspect of it. I’m also gearing up for a triathlon this summer, and would like a space to keep myself accountable, and to write about my training.

t at joshua tree

Atop Ryan Summit, Joshua Tree National Park last month

So, I’ve decided to return, but to focus on whatever I’m fancying at the moment, be it food, or running, travel, or simply writing for the sake of writing. I hope you’ll check in on occasion, and comment on the recipes, give me advice on how to get faster, or just laugh at my bad jokes. It’s good to be back!


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