Where I’m at

I may have been a bit overzealous when it came to New Year’s resolutions this year.  As I sat in my living room on January 1, basking in a post-holiday sugar high, I thought about goals for 2014. I still haven’t broken two-hours in the half marathon, and a string of injuries and illnesses meant less running last fall. But when I thought about my fitness, and what I really wanted to do, I thought about triathlons.

I’ve done a few Olympic distance ones, but I’ve always sort of been interested in something longer. And now that I have some half-marathons under my belt, I figured why not? So without thinking about it too much, I signed up for the Timberman 70.3.

The race is on August 17. I’s a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run. It will be the longest, and likely hardest, race I’ve ever done.

super sunday

En route to a new PR at the Super Sunday 5-miler

My training strategy for the winter was pretty simple: to get my legs as strong as possible. My current weekly goals are something like this:
– Run 20 miles per week
– Bike (spin class or trainer) twice a week
– Swim once a week
– Yoga at least once a week

As time goes on I’ll be upping my time on the bike. But I am really starting from zero, so I have a lot of work to do there.

My training last week looked like this:photo 2
Monday: Run 6 miles, do a circuit workout with November Project.
Tuesday: Bike, 60 minutes on the trainer.

Wednesday: I had to do some work early (like 6:30 a.m.), so I skipped NP and did a circuit workout at home. Later that day, I ran 3 miles and then did 15 sections at Harvard stadium. I also had PT.

Thursday: REST

Friday: Swim one mile

Saturday: Run 7 miles, Spin 60 minutes

Sunday: Sick day/ rest; 30 minutes yoga.

Run: 16 miles
Bike: 120 minutes
Swim: 1 mile
Yoga: yes, though not a class plus a bit of cross training (stairs and circuit)

I don’t know if I’ll post my exact daily workouts each week, but I will post weekly totals. Some people might find it helpful, and I think it’ll help keep me accountable with my workouts. Feel free to peer pressure me, it works wonders.

As you can see, I fell a bit short on the running last week. I’d planned to do a brick workout (bike then run) on Sunday, but I woke up feeling terrible, so I did some yoga and stretching at home.

photo 1

Theraflu and tea, always a winning combo

I’m currently home in bed, nursing a cup of tea and blowing my nose every five seconds. I’m hoping with a bit of tlc this clears up fast.


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