Vegetable hand rolls

There are few things as satisfying to me as a good hand roll. I love the combination of not quite warm rice, fish, and nori- it’s like a savory ice cream cone.

Yet until recently I’d never tried to make one at home. Sushi has always been a “going out” food, probably because I’m not too keen on handling raw fish at home. But I’ve been eating more vegetable-only rolls lately, and so when I saw nori at the Asian market a few weeks ago I thought, “I can do that.” So I did, and it was wonderful, and now I wonder what took me so long.

veg rolls

This is really about as easy as making tacos. A few things to note:

– Make sure your grains are luke-warm or warmer. The flavor and texture are better that way.

– Don’t overfill. This will lead to breakage and leakage. If you need more food, make another one.

– Do what you like. Add your favorite vegetables, make a soy and wasabi dipping sauce, slip in some protein (hello, shrimp?), if that’s what gets you excited.

– While the ice cream cone shape you get in sushi restaurants is really sexy, I find it easier and neater to do a more burrito-esque fold. First, fold the bottom up over the filling, then fold each side in. To seal, dip your fingers in some warm water and run over the seam. Voila!


Vegetarian hand rolls
(makes two)

Two sheets nori
1 cup grains (I used quinoa and brown rice), room temperature
1 Tablespoon rice vinegar
1 Tablespoon sesame oil
vegetable assortment of your choice. I like shredded beets and carrots, pea shoots, avocado, and grated ginger
soy sauce to taste

Heat grains so they are at least room temperature or luke warm (this makes them easier to mix, and I think they fast better this way). Add rice vinegar and sesame oil and mix well. Spread half the grain mixture on a sheet of nori and top with desired vegetables, being careful not to overfill (less is more here). Fold bottom of roll up over filling, and then fold each side over the middle. To seal, dip your finger in luke warm water and run over the edges of your roll. Dip in soy sauce, if desired. Eat as soon as possible, the nori will get soggy if left too long.



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