tackling the long run

The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was run 12 miles. There was laundry to fold, curtains to hang, a kitchen to sweep… In short, plenty of excuses to keep me off the streets.

It’s not that the laundry or curtains or anything else was particularly pressing. Rather it’s that the thought of running for two hours sort of freaks me out. I know it’s silly- I have friends training for Boston that are running much farther distances these days, so complaining about 12 or 13 miles seems kind of trite. But it’s the truth.

Of course, the only way to combat this is to make 13 miles seem ordinary. So each weekend I’ve been doing a “long run” of between 8 and 13 miles, with a goal of running 13 miles at least once a month. Yesterday, I did 12.

photo 1-2

Once I was out the door and running it wasn’t so bad. I ran along the harbor to Southie and around Castle Island, then up through Fort Point Channel, onto the Rose Kennedy Greenway, through Government Center down to the Common and Public Garden and then up Comm Ave. to Hereford. It took me about two hours, and I felt mostly good. While my pace wasn’t stellar, I was focused mostly on getting the miles in, and I definitely felt better on this run than I did a month ago when I ran 13. In the future, I need to start doing these with a group to help me speed up.

Training last week was definitely better.

Monday: REST
Tuesday: speed work at track; 4 miles
Wednesday: bike 80 minutes
Thursday: swim 1800 yards, 65-minutes spin class, run 3 miles (brick)
Friday: run hills, 3 miles
Saturday: bike 60 minutes
Sunday: run 12 miles, 90-minute yoga class

Total: run 22 miles; bike 205 minutes; swim 1,800 yards

Hopefully, the next week will look a lot like this one.



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