Learning to tie my shoes

Yesterday, I learned to tie my shoes.

I thought I’d mastered this skill decades ago, but apparently I’ve been doing it wrong. It was never much of an issue until last week when I finished a long run with a pain in the top of my left foot, where the lace crossed over a tendon. The next morning the pain was still there.

That, combined with some hip and shoulder pain last week, led me to ease off the running for a few days. On Saturday I planned to do a long run again, but three miles in the pain returned. I loosened my laces. It felt worse. I tightened them and the soreness stayed in the top of my foot. Later, it hurt to simply walk on.

Fortunately, I’d started my run with a group from Marathon Sports. Yesterday they hosted an event with Mizuno to promote the company’s #ifeverybodyran campaign.


The event featured a talk with Amby Burfoot, who won the 1968 Boston Marathon and was a longtime editor of Runner’s World. Amby talked about his 1968 victory, and then about last year’s marathon, before taking questions from the crowd. We then had the option to demo some Mizuno’s (I opted to stay in my shoes), and headed out on a run with Amby that finished at the Back Bay Social Club where brunch was waiting. It was a great event, with a nice goodie bag and a delicious, healthy breakfast.

The only downside to the day was that my right foot was killing me, and I could see that my tendon was swollen. I took my shoe off at breakfast and it seemed better, but it started bothering me as soon as I started walking down Boylston Street. I stopped in at Marathon Sports to pick up my stuff, and mentioned to one of the employees what was going on. “Let’s take a look at your shoes,” he said.

The pain I was experiencing is apparently a pretty common issue amongst runners, and is due to a few factors:

photo 1 (1)

To alleviate this, he suggested tying them like this:

photo 2 (1)

My foot felt better almost immediately, and I’m hopeful this will solve the issue. What a silly thing…

 My workouts this week were otherwise good.

Monday: run 11
Tuesday: run 3
Wednesday: foam roll and PT, swim 1,900 yards
Thursday: REST
Friday: bike 60 minutes
Saturday: run 4
Sunday: bike 135 minutes; 26.4 miles

Total: run 18, bike 195 minutes, swim 1,900

I didn’t do yoga this week, but I spent a good amount of time foam rolling and stretching at home, so I’m ok with it. My swim workout was a good one… worked on longer distances.

Warm up: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull

Main set:
4x 75, the last 25 was backstroke. 20 seconds rest between each
2x 400, 30 seconds rest between
I did the first 400 all free, and the second one I alternated back and breast stroke each 100

Cool down: 200 pull

Total yards: 1,900


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