Green smoothie and tired legs

Training is always a journey of self discovery. You overcome that little voice begging for a snooze button and opt to get up and hit the pavement. You learn to push your limits. You do things you never have before.

Case in point:

1602075_745143522176685_8009493428166721322_oPhoto credit: Rosa Evora

This past weekend I pushed my limits a bit too much. I had a 5-mile race on Sunday, so I planned my long bike ride for Saturday. It was a great day- I rode out on the Boston Marathon route, which was packed with runners doing their last taper runs before the race next week. The day was warm and sunny and I felt good in the saddle, even when I turned around and rode up the Newton Hills (including Heartbreak Hill). I was shocked that I wasn’t hurting… but then, I wasn’t riding very fast either.

IMG_4721Newton fire fighters show their support

I didn’t think anything was amiss when I got up Sunday. I made coffee and had my usual pre-run banana. My legs felt fine. Nothing sore. Nothing stiff. I knew I wanted to get more than five miles in Sunday, so I decided to run the four miles to the race, and then race five. No problem. Almost as soon as I started off though my legs felt dead. Thinking I was just low on energy, I ate a Gu a mile into the run, and then stopped at a convenience store for a juice. It helped a bit, but my legs had no power in them. They weren’t sore, they were just exhausted. Though I ran the race four minutes faster than I did two years ago (isn’t that amazing to think about?), I finished about four minutes behind my PR.

After a longish nap Sunday, I headed to Copley Square to watch the One Run for Boston finish, had my first acro-yoga experience, and then went to a friend’s house warming party.

At the  One Run for Boston finish

IMG_4742Workouts last week:
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Run 4
Wednesday: Run 4, bike 90 minutes
Thursday: swim 2,500 yards
Friday: run 3, yoga
Saturday: ride 2:15
Sunday: run 9

Totals: run 20, ride 3:45 (40 miles), swim 2,500

I’m pretty happy with how my workouts have been going, but unfortunately my nutrition hasn’t been nearly as good. Spring also means a rise in social activities, i.e. drinks with friends and eating out. I haven’t had the time to cook at home, and have been basically winging it when it comes to meals (which is why I haven’t ben posting many recipes lately either). I ate out every single night last week, and my lunches weren’t much better. This week, my goal is to plan and cook healthier meals that compliment my training.

Whenever I start to feel like my nutrition needs a jump start I make a green smoothie. Packed with fiber, calcium, and nutrients, a green smoothie always helps me hit the reset button. I made one after my race yesterday, and it was just what I needed.

Green Smoothie

1 banana
1 cup chopped kale
1 to 1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons chia seeds




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