Newport 10-Miler

It’s not hard to occasionally lose sight of why you train. The snooze button tempts, social activities beckon, laziness kicks in. And then you have days like Sunday when you run a race and you thank goodness for all that training because you feel strong on the course, and when things start to get tough, you have the physical and mental preparation to power through.

I ran the Newport 10-Miler yesterday. I ran this race last year and fell in love with its scenic course, which runs along Newport’s craggy coastline for five miles before turning onto Bellevue Avenue, home to the city’s iconic mansions. For some reason, I always like running along the water.


The Newport 10-Miler course

The first part of the race went great. I finished the first seven miles in an hour, which is an achievement for me. But right about then my outer right hip started aching. A mile later, the course got a bit hilly. I was glad that I’ve been doing regular hill training- I felt strong as I ran up. And I was glad that I’ve been doing regular long runs; the 10-miles seemed normal, not long. In the end, I took 2.5 minutes off my time from last year. It wasn’t quite as fast as I’d hoped for, and I know that were it not for the hip, I probably could have run a bit faster. But I’ll take it.


I’ve iced and foam rolled extensively, and I may take a few days off running if it’s still sore. I’d rather take care of something minor than ignore it until it’s something major.

In addition to the race, I had a pretty good week of workouts last week:



silly selfies at the stadium

Monday: Destination deck with November Project, bike 11 miles
Tuesday: Run 3, spin class
Wednesday: Stadium with November Project (10 sections), run 3
Thursday: REST
Friday: Run 4, swim 2,500
Saturday: yoga
Sunday: Run 10

Total: Run 20, bike x 2, swim 2,500


Quick (for me) run to the Chestnut Hill reservoir

My swim workout this week was an interesting one. The pool I usually go to has been closed because of a “chemical imbalance,” so Friday I headed to the pool across campus. It’s bigger and nicer than the pool I usually swim in, with more lanes and a diving well. It was super busy when I went, and I asked the lifeguard if there were any designated slow, medium, or fast lanes, so I could decide who to jump in with. He told me there weren’t, but that if I wanted I could swim in the diving area, which had no lane lines and was a bit longer than the regular lanes (29.5 yards).

No lane lines means choppier water to swim through, as the lane lines help stop the wake from other swimmers. No stripes on the bottom of the pool makes it harder to swim in a straight line. You have to deal with both of these open water swimming, so I hopped in and set off on my workout, which looked like this:

Warm up: 300 swim, 300 kick, 300 pull
During the pull portion I wore swim paddles, which help build upper body strength as they make you move more water with your hands. I just ordered a pair on Amazon, and they should be here next week. Since the swim is the only portion of the tri that uses the upper body, I’d like to maximize my arm usage and save my legs for the bike and the run.

Main set: 2×500 swim
1. Rate of perceived exertion (RPE) 4
2. RPE 6
I swam the first one normally, and did the second one with paddles

Cool down: 200 pull

Total yards: 2,100

However, since the lanes I was swimming in were 29.5 yards and I didn’t adjust the number of laps I did, I swam 2,500 yards Friday. It was fun to mix up my swim workout, I’ll definitely be trying to get over to the other pool in the coming weeks.


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