15 weeks

There’s a calendar in my office with a number written on each Sunday. The one for last Sunday says “15.” As in 15 weeks until Timberman 70.3.

August seems so far away, and yet 15 weeks sounds like nothing. I feel like my running and swimming are in pretty good places, but I still have a lot of work to do on the bike. A lot of work.

A wet spring and a full schedule mean that I still haven’t ridden much more than 30 miles at a time. I need to do 56 at Timberman, almost double that. I’ll be looking to increase my mileage in the next few weeks… I’m signed up to ride a century on May 18 and I have no idea how I’m going to pull that off. I may wind up doing the metric century instead.

IMG_5060back on the bike now that the weather is nicer

After the Newport 10-miler, I took four days off running last week, and generally gave my hip some love with lots of stretching and ice. It feels more tight now than sore, but it feels a lot worse when I run on it.

Workouts this week:
Monday: bike 22 miles
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: swim 2,000 yards
Thursday: bike on trainer, 45 minutes (10 miles)
Friday: run 3
Saturday: bike 35 miles
Sunday: REST

Totals: run 3, bike 67 miles, swim 2,000

Not really where I want to be. My goals for the next few weeks are pretty basic. Ease off the running a bit until my hip is feeling better. Swim twice a week. Bike whenever possible. And strengthen my hips.

Saw this on a run last week… is the universe speaking to me? 

I have a feeling that the pain I’m experiencing is a result of having weak hips. A physical therapist told me as much when I went in last summer for a bout of plantar fasciitis. Of course rather than listening to her and starting work then, I got new orthotics and went right back to running without much other cross training. Since then I’ve suffered from bicep tendonitis, which also messed up my back pretty atrociously. Everything I read points to these problems being a result of 1. a weak core and 2. weak hips.

becoming BFFs with my foam roller

I’ve come up with a circuit to do twice a week to work on these weaknesses. The idea is to do each of these exercises in succession for 40 seconds, with 20 seconds of rest, and to cycle through at least twice, optimally three times.

1. lunges
2. squats
3. leg throws
4. one legged bridge, right
5. one legged bridge, left
6. clamshells, right
7. clamshells, left
8. jumping lunges
9. plank
10. box jumps

Got any suggestions for achy/sore hips? Please leave them below!


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