Down… but not out

Something didn’t feel right as I sprinted to the finish of the Newport 10-miler last month. I’m used to feeling some tightness in my hips, but this wasn’t just tightness. It was pain.

Since then, I’ve backed off the running, iced a lot, and foam rolled tons. I’ve popped some ibuprofen and started doing glute exercises a few times a week. And yet running hasn’t been comfortable since. A few times it’s been ok, my right hip just gets tight. But the last few times I’ve tried to run I’ve been stopped in my tracks by a searing pain that stretches from my hip back into my upper glute.

My most recent attempt was at Monday’s Destination Deck. Some sprints across a grassy field seemed doable. They weren’t.

I finally went to the doctor Wednesday. I wanted to be sure that there wasn’t something really wrong. The good news was that structurally, my hip looks ok. The bad news is that I have tendonitis.


At least I’m structurally sound

It could be worse. It could be a lot worse. But the thing about tendonitis is that you have to rest it in order to heal.

I’m cleared to bike and swim, but running is out for a while. As in totally out. Don’t even try it. I’ll start PT soon, and keep doing my glute strengthening exercises in the meantime.

As fas as races go, I’m not sure what this means. I’m signed up to do an Olympic-distance triathlon on June 15. Worst-case  I’ll do the swim and the bike and walk the run.  I’m still optimistic that with good training and PT I’ll be good to go for Timberman.

IMG_5053Words to live by the next few weeks

My weekly workouts are going to have to change a bit. I miss NP, but stair climbing and hill running aren’t going to fix me. Today, I did a bike ride and swung by the top of Summit Ave. at 7:20 as everyone was finishing their run. It was fun to see everyone while still getting my workout in, so that might be a good option for the next few Fridays.

I’m a bit bummed. Mostly because the weather has been really nice for running lately, and I hate seeing all the fun funds my friends are doing on social media and feeling like I’m missing out. But I’m taking solace in knowing that with some rest and some work I’ll be hitting the pavement before too long.


2 thoughts on “Down… but not out

  1. oh bummer!!! as someone who just recovered from tendonitis in my foot and missed quite a few races, I feel your pain. Lucky for me it was during the polar vortex. Unlucky for me, I gained 10 pounds 😉 lol. Rest up!

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