Road to recovery

The upside to having an injury is that when life gets in the way of your training you don’t feel quite so guilty. Harvard’s Commencement was last week, which is always a busy time at work. This year, however, was extra busy, as my sister Nicki received her degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.

IMG_5437With the graduate

It was a big family time. My dad came in for the week, as well as several aunts and uncles. There were lots of dinners out, champagne toasts, and sitting around enjoying one another’s company. I felt a bit bad about not training much, but figured that 1) my hip needs the rest and 2) I should savor the time I have with people I enjoy and don’t get to see too much. I rode 25 miles Saturday instead of 50 so I could join my dad and sister on a beach walk. I ditched my ride Sunday so I could have breakfast with him before he flew out and I headed to my mom’s. I’m ok with that.

photo-3panorama at Gloucester Harbor

And while the week was full of indulgences, I tried to be smarter about a few things, nutrition-wise. For example:
– I had dinner at Sweetgreen one night before meeting my dad, so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat at the steakhouse we were meeting at.
– At family get-togethers I only had seconds of vegetables, and small portions of dessert.
– I offered to drive folks so I wouldn’t be tempted to drink anything but seltzer.

commbeach at my aunt’s/headed in for an “ice” bath

After a whirlwind week, I’m ready to jump back into training. The highlight of my week is that I started physical therapy yesterday. My therapist, Malia, is also a triathlete, and gets that I want to be back on my feet as soon as possible. After doing some tests, she determined that my hips and glutes are generally weak, but that my right side is MUCH weaker than my left. She stepped up my glute strengthening regime, and gave me a resistance band to do my exercises with, which makes things much harder.

I’m committed to doing the swim and bike portions of my tri on June 15. The jury is still out on whether I’ll run, walk, or sit out the third leg. I have to see how much progress I can make. Malia warned me that I may be slower overall because the strength training will take a lot of of my legs.

“It’s not optimal to be strength training during tri season,” she said. “But it’s also not optimal to be injured during tri season.”

I left with a plan, a resistance band, and star of kinesio tape over my glute. (Jury is still out on whether the k-tape will do much, but it seemed worth a shot).

My plan for the week is something like this:
M: ride
T: glute work
W: glute work, aqua jog
Th: swim
F: ride, glute work
S: long ride
Sun: swim, glute work

I’m glad to have a plan, and the support of a therapist who understands my goals. I finally feel like I’m on a road that will lead not just to recovery from this injury, but hopefully to increased core strength that will minimize injuries in the long run.

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