I miss running

The weather has been sublime lately, and I feel like I’m missing out. I haven’t run since May 14, the longest running hiatus I’ve had in three years. It feels weird not to be able to just lace up and join all the legions of runners out there for a quick jaunt around the river. Biking and swimming require planning and gear… with running you can just go whenever you want.

The upside is that I’ve realized the importance of cross-training, and had to figure out ways to fit other activities into my life. I’m hoping to keep that up even when I start running again. I do feel better when I’m doing a variety of sports.

With that in mind, here’s a recap of last week’s workouts:

Monday: bike 15
Tuesday: PT
Wednesday: PT, aqua jog
Thursday: swim at Walden
Friday: bike 15, PT, aqua jog
Saturday: REST
Sunday: bike 30, swim 1/2 mile

I had a great bike ride Sunday- went through Milton to Blue Hills and then cut through Quincy and rode along the water. Ran into a giant snapping turtle right outside of the Blue Hills. She was crossing the street, so I wanted to make sure she made it ok, but I was pretty sure if I touched her that she’d take my finger off. I seriously have never seen a snapping turtle this big. The bike itself wasn’t as fast as I would have liked. I know if I’d gone with a group I would have gone faster, but I have yet to find a Sunday group ride.


I started aqua jogging last week. My ortho recommended it, saying it was “a tremendous workout.” I’m not sure it was tremendous, but it was different. It was also super boring. Like way more boring that running, or swimming. I managed 30 minutes the first time, and 35 the next.

My PT seems to be working. I can actually feel my glutes fatiguing as I go through the exercises, and I’ve been working core work into the mix as well. This morning I did a little test run at the track, sprinting the straights and jogging the curves for a mile. I felt pretty good, no pain during or after. Pretty exciting. My favorite PT exercise is the clam shell. I know this is a common exercise amongst runners, and that a lot of people hate them, but I can feel it in my muscles after doing just a few minutes of them. My therapist prescribed me clamshells with a resistance band around my legs just above my knee, and while they’re harder that way, they’re much more effective too. (Boring, but effective instructional video here.)

So things seem to be looking up. I’m doing the Ashland Olympic Triathlon this weekend, and am still not sure whether I’ll finish or just do the bike and the swim. I have a feeling it will be a game time decision.



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