Getting ready for a triathlon

Getting ready for your first triathlon can be a pretty intimidating experience. In addition to training hard, you need a lot more gear than for your typical single-sport event. Two nights before my race last weekend, I started laying out the gear I needed on my dining room table. Pretty soon it looked like this:


In an effort not to forget anything, I thought about what I’d need both overall, and for specific events. My list looked like this:

tri shorts
sports bra
HR monitor
beach towel

body glide
spare cap

water bottles (1 water, 1 half Gatorade/ half water)
bike shoes
chamois butt’r
(I also pumped up my bike tires the night before the race)

spi belt

When I set up my transition area, I put things in sport-specific groups to minimize the amount of time I’d spend looking for them. I stashed gels and gummies on my bike, so I wouldn’t forget them, and untied/unbuckled all shoes, so I could slip them on quickly. I put my sunglasses in my helmet, and my socks on top of my bike shoes. I set my area up on a beach towel, and left enough room for me to stand on it. This gave me a spot to wipe my feet after the swim transition, so I wouldn’t end up with grass/dirt in my shoes.


Everyone has a slightly different technique when it comes to both gear lists and transition set up. But I think the key to a successful race is thinking ahead about what you need, and having an organized transition area that makes it as easy as possible to get from one leg to the next.


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