end of June training

Last week finally felt like a good, full training week. I swam, I biked, I even ran a little and did a brick one day.

A brick is a bike ride followed by a run. I only had time to do two miles after my ride Wednesday, but I’m glad I did. Since I was only doing two, I pushed it a bit harder than I would have if I was aiming for five, and was pleasantly surprised with how my legs felt. I’ll be doing more bricks in the coming weeks, with longer runs added on. These will likely have to happen on the weekends, as I run out of time in the mornings before work.

sbrGot in a bit of everything last week

Workouts this week looked like this:

Monday: swim 1,000, aqua jog 30, bike 6
Tuesday: bike 24, run 2
Wednesday: bike 27, run 2, PT
Thursday: swim Walden, PT
Friday: bike 15, run 3
Saturday: ride 15
Sunday: REST

Totals: Swim 2,700, bike 81, run 7

My weekend plans sort of fell apart. I wanted to ride long on Saturday, but work up feeling crummy, so I pushed my ride back to the afternoon. The plan was to head to Walden with my cousin and then ride home while she drove my car. But when I got out there I realized I’d forgotten my water bottles. By the time I dropped her, got home, and got on the bike, it was 6 p.m. and I was running out of time. So I rode hard for an hour and then called it quits. Not optimal, but better than nothing.

Balancing training and life is tricky. I could have done my ride Sunday, but I also really wanted to go fishing, so I opted for that. I haven’t been yet this season, and I’m not likely to get many chances in July or August. So I took a rest day and fished. Unlike past years, I made sure to bring healthy snacks and didn’t drink, so it wasn’t a total wash. And the fishing was successful, so that’s a big win. I’ve got two larger striped bass fillets to grill, and enough leftover bait to make potted mackerel with. (For the record, I caught the mackerel myself. I wouldn’t recommend cooking with fish bought as bait.)

fishbounty of the sea

I have a similar issue this coming weekend. Originally, I planned to stay in town for the 4th, but then found out that my whole family was going to be in North Carolina. My family lives in England, so I booked a ticket last week. I’ll be there for five days, and while I’ll be able to run and do PT, I’m not sure how to handle biking and swimming. I might be able to find a pool, but renting a road bike is expensive. I’ve mapped out a series of workouts and hikes, and plan to get back on the bike when I return.

I’ve also mapped out a running strategy that will hopefully increase my mileage over the next few weeks without overdoing it. Running is still not an optimal activity, but with a lot of stretching and foam rolling, it seems do-able.

So that’s that. Training continues. Life does too. Just not always at the same time.


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