Remembering 2014

It would be almost an understatement to say that 2014 flew by. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was sitting in my living room signing up for a half iron triathlon. But that race was more than four months ago.

The past few months in particular have been a blur of work, races, dinners with friends, runs, and outings. I hiked. I baked cookies. I traveled. At times, it was tough to remember what I did the day before, never mind the week before.

Fortunately, last year my friend Danielle encouraged me to start writing down things that made my day on little slips of paper and collect them in a mason jar. “The idea is to write down the small things that make your days great,” she told me. “At the end of the year, you’ll remember the big things, but you’ll be surprised by the little ones that you’ve forgotten.”

Buzzfeed recently posted a tutorial on this, calling it a “rememberlutions” jar. Mine wasn’t quite as elaborate, but the idea was pretty much the same. I put a mason jar on the shelf next to my bed, and stocked my bedside table with some origami paper I bought years ago. From time to time I’d write down a happening that was fulfilling, delightful, or just happy.


By December, I had quite the collection. I went through the jar before I left for the holidays, and  I was surprised at how many of these things I’d forgotten about. A friend’s trampoline birthday party. An epic day that started with running in DC and ended with drinking beers in Franconia Notch. The simple joy of finding green tea fro-yo on a hot summer day.


What surprised me most were the number of happenings that took place outdoors. Whale watching. Catching fish. Climbing mountains. Skiing. Running. Biking. Swimming at Walden. Many took place with friends, but some were things I did alone. It was a good reminder to me that I’m often at my best when I’m moving and enjoying nature, something I hope to do more of in 2015.

I’ll clean out the jar when I get home next week and start all over. I can’t wait to fill it up again.

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