Welch-Dickey loop

The days are getting short and the air is getting crisp… pretty soon I’ll be skiing down mountains instead of climbing them.

Last weekend may have been my last hike in the Whites for a while. I have races the next two weekends, then the Harvard-Yale game down in New Haven, and then it’s Thanksgiving. November is going to fly!

My friend Danielle is getting married in January, so we gathered this past weekend for a bachelorette party of sorts, albeit a low-key one. Our destination was D-Arces, a not-for-profit permaculture farm and educational homestead in Dorchester, New Hampshire. In addition to being a working farm, D-Acres also operates a low-key hostel, which is pretty fantastic. Rooms are clean, the meals are delicious, the lack of cell service enables you to truly get away, and common spaces like porches and fireplaces encourage group bonding.

We arrived late Friday after a rather arduous drive. Fortunately, we had wine and snacks to help us unwind. I stoked the fire and while Joey picked up a guitar… a low-key end to a high-strung week.

Saturday we were up with the sun. After a delicious homemade breakfast, we took a stroll around the farm. Our first stop was to see the happiest pigs on earth.


D Acres gets food scraps from a local college to feed their pigs. The pigs live in a large fenced in field, with a cozy house for shelter, and lots of room for roaming and rooting. Their meat is some of the best pork I’ve ever tasted.


The farm also has chickens, a hoop house, raspberry bushes, a playground, and a fire circle. There’s an extensive trail network and a couple of swimming holes nearby. Basically, it’s wonderful.

We left D-Acres at about noon and headed northeast to the Welch-Dickey Loop, a 4-mile trail that climbs to small mountains on the southern edge of the White Mountains. I chose the trail because it’s not too long, but is moderately challenging, and offers some spectacular views.


We made it to the top of Welch Mountain in just over an hour, which included some stops for picture taking and general goofiness. There were PB&Js and pumpkin bread to sustain us before we walked over to Dickey Mountain, where we nestled into some rocks and enjoyed a beer.



Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

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