Dateline: San Diego

When I decided to spend Christmas in San Diego I envisioned a holiday filled with sunshine, lazy poolside afternoons, and long runs on the beach. I was mostly right, except for the fact that it was warmer in Boston on Christmas day than on the beach in La Jolla.
But still, it was great to be around family, away from “real life.” I haven’t taken more than a day or two break since June, and between work and classes I was a bit burned out. San Diego was a chance to reconnect with my family, take naps, read, cook, and run.
Here are a few highlights from the week:
Sibling time: 
With three siblings, you might expect that some of us are closer than others. But we are all pretty tight, and it was fun to be together again. It was mostly low-key stuff: wandering around La Jolla, napping, getting coffee, watching Elf, and cooking. My brother and I caught the seals early one morning, and my sister and I watched this gorgeous sunset one afternoon.
Marine Mammals:
Growing up, nature documentaries were about the only TV my sister and I were allowed to watch. As a result, we now love watching wildlife in person. A few mornings we snuck off to downtown La Jolla to watch the seals and sea lions before the crowds showed up. Throughout the week we debated the merits of various marine mammals. What’s your favorite marine mammal? I vote for the humpback whale.
November Project:
I visited the NP tribe twice while I was there. My cousin and I ran the Sunrise 6k Monday, where I posted a respectable 30:17 (new goal: break 30!). On Wednesday, I got my dad to join me for a workout at Balboa Park, where we did squats, pushups and sprints. Dad did his first burpee! Actually, he did a few.
The week flew by, and pretty soon I was hugging everyone goodbye and heading east for a bit of adventure…

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