“Food is our common ground, a universal experience. “

– James Beard

Hi, I’m Tania deLuzuriaga, aka the Musing Bouche.

I’m an equal opportunity eater, a triathlete in training, and a sometimes fish-catcher.

A former journalist, I’ve written for The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Orlando Sentinel, The Miami Herald and The Boston Globe. These days, I work in media relations at Harvard University.

When I’m not eating you’ll likely find me with my nose in a book, wandering through the mountains, or on the sea.

Contact me at themusingbouche-at-gmail-dot-com.

Confused about the name of the blog? Read this.

Other mumbo jumbo:

All text and images on this site have ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright (c) 2009-present by Tania deLuzuriaga.

I grant readers the following:

  • link to any post with attribution back to me
  • link to images with attribution back to me
  • download images for private use

5 thoughts on “{About}

  1. Hola my dear friend,

    I can tell that you have class just by the touch and feel of this blog (feels and looks like serious newspaper)… you are good!!!!

    beso and hug


  2. Found your blog through Facebook! Really good stuff. That said, as I read: I wanted Part II of knife skills. And there seems to be no Part II (meats and fruit).

    And I will be trying that corn and okra pudding.

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