{Recipe box}

I try to update this regularly, but more recent recipes may not be listed. Recipes with an * denote dishes that are vegetarian, or can be easily adapted.

Black pepper cheese biscuits*
Kale chips*
Pear crostini*
Pimento cheese*
Roast marrow bones
Smoked oyster bruschetta

Creamy spinach soup*
Frito pie
Not gazpacho*
Sunshine soup*
Tortilla soup*

Beet salad*
Corn and okra pudding*
Creamy lentils with pork jowl
Double pork Boston baked beans
Eggplant “meatballs”*
Grown up green bean casserole*
Kale salad*
Momofuku-style brussels sprouts
Nana’s cole slaw*
Spicy, crispy baked chickpeas*
Spring salad*

Vegetarian enchiladas with corn sauce*

Cooking Cod
Fish cakes
Fish packets with summer vegetables
Grilled calamari with white beans
Grilled lobsters with salsa verde
Lobster, how to cook/eat
Potted smoked mackerel

Man chicken
Pork belly tacos
Tangy brisket
White chicken and beer chili

Pasta & grains:
Anchovy spaghetti
Fried rice
Papardelle and boar ragu
Pasta Castilla
Spaghetti cacio e pepe*

Desserts & sweets:
Blueberry boy bait*
Bread pudding*
Brown butter brownies*
Buttermilk ice cream*
Butterscotch oatmeal bars*
Chocolate chip cookies*
Chocolate pecan pie*
Creamy caramel pudding*
Key lime pie*
Light and lemony bars*
No bake cookies
Raspberry fool*
Snow ice cream*
Snowflake cake with boozy butter glaze
Strawberry custard cups
Sugar on snow*
Sweet and salty 7-layer bars*
Tres leches cake*
Vanilla pudding*

Breakfast & brunch:
Birdseed bars*
Chunky granola*
Creamy kale and eggs*
Oatmeal applesauce muffins*
Oats in a jar*
Overnight oatmeal muffins*
Pork jowl/ bacon muffins with maple glaze
Pumpkin spice muffins*

Cocktails & other drinks:
Bermuda triangle
Butterscotch eggnog
Chai spiced hot chocolate
The Chicky
Cucumber vodka
Dark ‘N stormy
Ginger ale
Russian Tea
Sparkling sangria

Condiments & preserves
Green Chile*
Homemade ricotta cheese*
Pear butter*
Pepita pesto*
Salsa verde
Watermelon rind pickles*

Last updated: 6/14/2011


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